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Frank Borda Ltd. - Company Profile  
The family established its first foothold in Malta in the later part of the sixteenth century. The first known family business was stablished by Guseppe Borda in Barriera Wharf and New Street, Valletta as a Ship Chandler during the romantic days of sailing ships in 1768.

During these past two hundred and forty (240) years the company has diversified into its current structure of seven principle divisions in each of which it is one of the market leaders.
  1. Automobiles and Commercial Vehicles Division.
  2. Electro Domestic Appliances & Air Conditioners, Televisions, Hi-Fi and Household Goods Division.
  3. Machine Tools, Laundry Equipment and Industrial Sewing Machinery Division.
  4. Furniture Division.
  5. Supermarket and Department Stores Division.
  6. Commercial and Domestic Lighting Management Division.
  7. Stationery and Promotional Products Division

With the commencement of the boom years of the late 50’s and early 60’s our current Chairman Frank Borda who is the 11th generation in this family business succeeded in establishing service facilities at affordable prices hitherto unheard of in this country. This formed the basis for the tremendous success and the rapid expansion of the company which continues today with the able support of some of his six children and eleven grandchildren and a dedicated team of 150 loyal and capable staff providing the people of Malta with the best management skills and technical expertise.

The company's objective is to continue to develop and expand the business of its current portfolio of internationally known brands strictly on an exclusivity basis and to continue in its search for new reputable agencies ensuring that new activities do not directly compete or conflict with the interests of their current brands but provide a synergy that will work to enhance the sales and image of the brands they represent on the Malta market.

In 1994 the company moved into their new Headquarters at Gala Centre in Ta`Xbiex constructed for its exclusive use at a cost in excess of US$ 40 million, having a total area of 11,000 sq. Meters which when added to the company’s other warehouses and showrooms utilizes a total commercial area of 26,000 sq. meters (280,000 sq. feet) making it one of the foremost companies in Malta.

The company operates a fifty-user network computer system with the most up-to-date hardware and software including a package specially tailor-made for the company.
Although the company is virtually totally owned by Mr. Frank S. V. Borda a very substantial part of the company’s profits are distributed to all its employees at the end of each year. It has been doing so for 43 years in spite of the fact that its employees are among the highest paid in the country. It was the first company in Malta to implement such a scheme which still remains today a rare exception in Malta. This enables it to recruit the best possible personnel.
The company has one of the most substantial advertising budgets in the country and is considered to be one of the largest, best known and most popular in Malta, mainly through the medium of press, television, radio, cinema, sports, charity sponsorships, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.
The company has been certified by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH for Service and Sales in accordance to ISO9001:2000 in its Motor Vehicles Division. The other Divisions within the Company are undergoing the process for ISO9001:2000 certification.

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