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Our History

Gala’s history roots back to 1595, when Guglio Borda established the first foothold of the Borda family in Malta. The family’s success story in Malta’s business scene eventually took off in 1768, when Guseppe Borda launched a fleet of sailing ships to deliver fresh food and water supplies to other sailing boats roaming across the Northern Maltese waters. When the British Navy later setup a base in Malta, they contracted to Borda family to continue delivering such a service directly to the Royal Navy – a contract which last for a successful 120 years.

Gala in the 20th century

A major period of growth for Gala occurred in the 1950’s, when Frank Borda took the realms from his father, diversifying into Gala Domestic Appliance. Supplying refrigerators, Gala were at the forefront of Malta’s boom in domestic appliance. Moreover, Gala were equally successful in running refrigerator exports to Libya and Egypt. 

The business is now managed by Paul Borda, the son of Frank Borda. Paul Borda undertook a large investment, in excess of $40M, to purchase and develop a state of the art headquarter premses in Ta’ Xbiex. Today, the premises hosts Gala’s head offices, along with Gala Supermarket Facilities, Gala Domestic Appliances, and more. 

Our Values

Customer Care

For Gala, the customer always comes first. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to ensure customer happiness across all our operations.


For hundreds of years, Gala have been at the forefront of Malta's commercial landscape. The company has continuously sustained this through investment in the latest technologies, business processes, and more.

Employee Benefits

For the last 60 years, Gala have always distributed a substantial part of the company's profits to its employees.

Our Mission

Continuing the Legacy

The current management aspires to sustain the everlong Gala success story, well into our current times and beyond.

Business Expansion

The company continues to develop and expand its current portfolio of its own Gala brand, as well as established international brands.

Commitment to Quality

Gala will continue investing in its operations to ensure the company is constantly able to deliver the best quality to our market.

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